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Psilocybe azurescens is one of the most potent species of psilocybin bearing mushrooms known to mycology today. Also known as blue runners, Astoriensis or flying saucers, the species was first formally described and given its taxonomic name in 1995 by now-famous American mycologist Paul Stamets and his colleague Jochen Gartz.
P. azurescens can be found growing naturally in grassy dunes and woody substrates along the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest. Azurescens are notably difficult to cultivate indoors, which makes them a rarity in the market. 
Psilocybe azurescens is a medium sized mushroom with petite anatomical features. Its caramel to chestnut coloured caps have a pronouced umbo (the knobby protrusion at the top of the cap). The sturdy stems are silky white, often curved and usually hollow but rigid when mature. Like its p. cubensis cousins, the fruiting bodies of p. azurescens also exhibit a bluing reaction, with the flesh turning a deep indigo (almost black) where damaged. Azures have little to no odour but taste bitter. 
When it comes to potency, psilocybe azurescens is not your average magic mushroom. The commonly available p. cubensis shrooms that most users are familiar with have an average psilocybin concentration of 0.63%. In comparison, p. azurescens are much stronger, with an average psilocybin concentration of 1.78%. Additionally, azurescens also contain over 100 times more baeocystin than what's present in the average cubensis mushroom*. Baeocystin is an alkaloid compound that's associated with some of the cerebral effects of magic mushrooms. 
Due to their powerfully psychoactive nature, we don't recommend p. azurescens if you're new to shrooms or psychedelics. For the experienced psilonaut in the right setting, azurescens are capable of producing transcendental experiences. Even moderate doses of p. azurescens can create strong effects including intense visual hallucinations, ego-death, deep connection to spiritual and metaphysical realms and out-of-body experiences. Adverse, unwanted reactions like temporary loss of motor skills and mobility are not common but have been reported, so we recommend caution and restraint even if you're a veteran tripper. Start with half your normal dose and wait at least 90 minutes before considering an additional dose. The Lemon Tek method of consumption is a good way to avoid the bitter taste.
This batch of azures was cultivated outdoors by an expert local grower, and is available in limited quantities, while supplies last!

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