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About The Vendor

Fun Guyz (North York)

Toronto , Ontario


Chodewave is not your ordinary P. cubensis strain. The looks, the genetics — everything is indicating that you’re entering a connoisseur level. An expert territory. It’s hard to not marvel at the chodewave fruits, and it’s even harder with its albino veriety.

In addition to its unusual look, we can label Chodewave with another definitive characteristic: it’s rare. It’s an enthusiast’s shroom, not a mass market product.

A few years ago, it wasn’t even on the market at all, you had to personally know someone who had the spores to get your hands on it. Nowadays, it’s not much different, though you definitely can buy Chodewave mushrooms online, even if you’re in Canada and not in the United States.

To sum it up, Chodewave is:

  1. Definitely unusual in appearance;
  2. And not particularly popular among the ordinary consumers.

As with all strains with these characteristics, it’s hard to find ANY trustworthy info on it online. We’ll make your research easier: here’s everything that is known about Chodewave at this point.

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