Adventure Bar – Original – Psilocybin Chocolate 5G

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Fun Guyz (London)

London , Ontario


Adventures psilocybin chocolate bars are one of the tastiest and most versatile psilocybin-infused chocolates you can buy online in Canada, offered by the trusted FunGuyz dispensary. Each Adventure Bar is meticulously crafted with 5 grams of premium Psilocybin to provide you with a mouthwatering and magical journey. Choose from an extensive range of more than 10 captivating flavors.

Embark on an extraordinary escapade with Adventure Bars:

  • Effortlessly snap off a piece to achieve your desired psychedelic experience, tailored to your individual preferences;
  • Unleash a world of dose-dependent effects, from subtle mood elevation to immersive introspection and visual wonder;
  • Relish the scrumptious chocolate flavors that skillfully conceal the earthy bitterness of magic mushrooms, ensuring an enjoyable and delicious adventure.

Discover the unmatched taste and versatility of Psilocybin Adventure Chocolate Bars. We recommend to start slow and low. Eat one chocolate piece and wait for 30-60 mins for the effects. If everything is ok – feel free to increase the dose (within reason, of course). If not – stop eating a bar and consult a doctor immediately. Always prioritize your safety. In everything else, including top quality and fast shipping across Canada, FunGuyz got you covered.

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