AAAA Peachy Mack- Sativa- 29% THC


About The Vendor

Bud Babiez

Windsor , Ontario


Peachy Mack, also known as “PeachyMack” or “Peachy Mac,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by crossing the delectable Golden Pineapple X Peaches N Cream marijuana strains. Peachy Mack, named for its delicious flavour and happy high, is ideal for anybody looking for the ideal bud to offer them a boost for a social gathering or event. Peachy Mack is a hybrid strain that delivers a delicious, fruity peachy flavour with tropical citrus undertones and sour pineapple notes. The Peachy Mack’s aroma is sour and pineapple-like, with underlying notes of skunkiness and sweetness. The high from this strain is lifting and energizing, promoting creativity & mental productivity. Almost as soon as you exhale, initial cerebral effects will be felt, lending energy and sociability that would be great for carrying on conversations.

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