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Mushroom Grow Kit (Bagtek) 6lbs.

(Inoculate & Colonize at Home!)

If you're looking to maximize yields and bypass the time involved in culture work--- here it is.

This YOUFungi Mushroom Grow Kit comes with everything needed to produce your very own mushrooms easy & affordably.

An all around great starter kit, the perfect size Grow Kit for any place in your lab, office or research space.

Follow along to our easy-to-use online instructions as your guide to help you grow your favorite varieties.

This is a sterile (non-inoculated) item. Additional aseptic care must be taken to prevent contamination of the grainspawn. (Research Purposes Only) 


- Sterile Grain Spawn +(2)lbs.

- 10mL Genetic Syringe & Needle (Your Choice)

- Pasteurized Nutritious Substrate +(4)lbs.
- 0.5 Micron Fruiting Bag & Sealing Clips

- 2x Elastic Bands & Alcohol Wipes

What is a Grow Kit exactly?

Our mushroom grow kits replicate the thermodynamic processes of larger scale grow containers used by mainstream mushroom cultivators. They teach you how-to observe conditions, and navigate through procedures which will prepare you for the next steps in your journey to mastering the skill of home cultivation.

Our You Fungi Grow Kits contain living mushroom mycelium that is ready to plant in our proprietary substrate (the material underlying mushroom growth) making it simple and effective in producing your own mushrooms with little or no previous skill involved. 

Don't get caught using those questionable high priced grow kits-- it will leave you with bad habits, and little experience as you enter your mushroom cultivation journey.

Full online instruction here:

All orders are subject to 1 week lead-time before shipping to allow colonization and/or ensure quality before processing.

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