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Fungimap is an online directory that provides trusted magic mushroom delivery in Winnipeg. We've got the best deals on shrooms, and we provide access to local shroom dispensaries who want to keep their customers coming back for more. 

Fungi are some of the most exciting organisms on Earth! They're scientifically remarkable, they're aesthetically beautiful, and they're great to eat. A vast diversity of fungi contains many different chemicals; some can be used as common antibiotics, while others are known to trigger powerful mind-altering experiences.

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Fungimaps has been providing Canadians with trusted shroom delivery since 2014. We're an online directory of magic mushroom dispensaries across Canada who want to keep their customers happy. Our rules are simple: don't scam people, deliver your product, and give your buyers what they paid for! 

You can trust that Fungimaps will have someone available to take your order almost anywhere in the country.

Magic Mushrooms Explained

If you've never had a psychedelic experience before, it can be a little scary to imagine eating some random fungus from the forest. Don't worry! Magic mushrooms have been used as therapeutic tools for hundreds of years, and they're very safe if you approach them correctly. 

The correct term for "magic mushrooms" is "psilocybin mushrooms," containing a naturally occurring compound called psilocybin. Hundreds of fungi produce psilocybin, and its natural function is to repel insects like flies and ants. 

Another thing to know is that everyone experiences a psychedelic trip differently. In general, it's considered to be a fun and positive experience, but not everyone has a "good trip." This happens when you have an unpleasant or difficult time with the effects of psilocybin. Remember that having a bad trip is almost always caused by being in the wrong setting or not taking the mushrooms with an open mind.

Most bad trips are caused by taking psychedelics in an unpleasant setting. Bad trips can also be caused by taking supplements that interact with the chemicals in magic mushrooms. You can find a full list of these supplements on the Fungimaps interactive maps.

How Does a Mushroom Trip Feel?

Suppose you're looking to have your first trip on psychedelic mushrooms in Winnipeg. However, it would be best not to expect anything on a mushroom trip. The most important thing to do is take the mushrooms with an open mind and let the fun happen!

Many people report the experience beginning with the giggles or a sense of excitement and energy building up. Music and light can be enjoyable if you usually enjoy them too! Remember that these effects are supposed to be fun and pleasant and often described as "enhancing" your senses.

During the "peak" of a trip, you might feel like your mind is racing, and it's hard to concentrate on one thing. At the same time, it can be challenging to keep track of your thoughts and conversations.

Most people find that their mind control is diminished while tripping; trying to solve complex tasks such as solving math problems or analyzing an issue in your personal life might not be a great idea while on shrooms!

If you're experiencing a difficult time, the best strategy is to relax and let it pass.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Shrooms?

Psilocybin is one of the safest chemicals that exist. It's an alkaloid, and it's present in various forms worldwide. People have been using psilocybin mushrooms for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years! Some cultures still use magic mushrooms as religious tools, but you don't need to be a mystic to see the benefits of psychedelics. 

There's plenty of scientific data, and clinical trials that prove shrooms aren't dangerous, and we've even seen politicians like Bernie Sanders advocate for their legalization.

You can use shrooms in conjunction with therapy or counselling to treat various mental health disorders, including:

  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Addiction (this is especially effective for alcoholics)
  • Cancer patients also regularly use psychedelics to deal with pain or stress.

Are There Different Kinds Of Magic Mushrooms in Winnipeg?

Absolutely! Like there are different kinds of weed, there are also different kinds of psilocybin mushrooms. The most common magic mushroom is called "psilocybe cubensis," but there are dozens of other species that can be found in Winnipeg.

Golden Teachers

For beginners, the best Winnipeg magic mushroom species is called "golden teacher," for short. They grow wild in Manitoba, Quebec and BC, but you can also find them at dispensaries across Canada.

Amazonian Shrooms

Used by humanity since the Mayan ages, these mushrooms are sometimes known as "Philosophers Stones," and they're famous for their extreme potency. You can find them in Winnipeg, but don't choose this option until you've tried the golden teacher at least once!

Blue Meanies

Blue meanies are some of the most potent magic mushrooms regarding psilocybin content, but they're not as safe as other options. They can cause hallucinations that last for up to 8-10 hours (compared to 4-6 with golden teachers), so it's recommended you try them at least once if you want the most potent trip possible!

Is it Safe To Trip on Mushrooms In Winnipeg?

It's a common question, and the answer is yes. Of course, every drug has its risks, but magic mushrooms are considered one of the safest hallucinogens around. You can't overdose on them (you'd have to eat dozens), they're not addictive, and there aren't any known long-term side effects besides memory loss.

The only real risk is a "bad trip," which can be avoided by taking a smaller dose and making sure you're in a safe, calming environment. We've seen bad trips happen because people took mushrooms on an empty stomach or used magic truffles instead of regular shrooms. This usually results in compelling hallucinations that aren't pleasant, so we recommend using psilocybin in conjunction with positive affirmations and a good attitude!


You can also use magic mushrooms in smaller doses called "microdosing," which isn't enough for you to hallucinate, but it's enough to make you feel happier, less stressed and more creative. Microdoses are hard to measure since magic truffles vary in size and potency, so we recommend microdosing with pre-filled capsules.

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