B+ Mushrooms

The B+ magic mushroom strain is an ideal choice for newcomers wanting to explore psychedelics. It is also a popular strain among cultivators due to its versatility, resistance, and rewarding yields. 

It provides all the typical effects of magic mushrooms while ensuring a mellow and balanced experience. In contrast, more potent strains like Tidal Wave and Enigma might be overwhelming for some users, which can often be harder to cultivate compared to the B+ strain. 

What are B+ Mushrooms?

The B+ is a variety of Psilocybe cubensis mushroom and is well known for its superb fruiting bodies. It develops fruit abundantly and often produces big, meaty, eye-catching mushrooms that are in great demand.

These mushrooms typically grow to heights of six to eight inches, with caps that reach a diameter of one to three inches. Both the caps and stems exhibit a caramel color, which can appear more golden in warmer temperatures. Compared to other strains, B+ mushrooms have larger stems and caps, and they produce a thick veil that extends from the cap to the lower stem.

Identifying psilocybin strains can be challenging, particularly with B+. However, there are some indicators to help distinguish this strain. The first sign is the large fruiting bodies with thick stems and wide caps. Another key indicator is the sturdy white veil, which is thicker compared to other strains. The strain is considered to be moderately potent making it perfect for beginner cultivators and psychonauts.

Origins of B+

There's a lot of debate about the origins of B+ mushrooms. Some claim that B+ is a native strain of P. cubensis rooted in ancient traditions of the Mazatec indigenous culture in Mexico where it was allegedly discovered. 

On the other side, the first mention of this strain was on a Shroomery post, where a grower going by the name Mr. G created this strain. However, there is a lot of controversy about this as Mr. G stated that it was a P. azurescens and P. cubensis hybrid. Although, in the end, it just turned out that B+ mushrooms are simply a unique strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

The true origins of B+ are under a veil of mystery, and no one knows if we will ever discover where this strain truly came from. 


B+ Potency

Feedback about the effects of B+ mushrooms often comes from anonymous forums like Reddit and Erowid, where users mention that while the strain may not be the most potent, it has a distinct vibe. To determine its potency it's best to look at the samples submitted to the Hyphae Cup over the years. 

On average B+ has a potency of 0.59% psilocybin and 0.11% psilocin per gram of dried mushrooms, totaling around 0.73% of tryptamine content.

While it is possible to find very potent mushrooms containing over 1% psilocybin and psilocin, most B+ mushrooms typically fall within the average range of 0.50% to 0.90%. It's important to note that there are many B+ variations submitted by different cultivators, with each having a different score.  Although the B+ strains did not win the Hyphae Cup, they ranked comfortably in the second tier of potency among the dozens of entries.

Effects of B+ 

Most information about the effects of B+ mushrooms comes from firsthand accounts shared in online forums. Psychonauts have discussed their experiences with B+, generally agreeing that while it provides a trippy experience, it is no more potent than other magic mushroom strains.

The effects of B+ are usually slightly euphoric with vivid visual hallucinations and a sense of unreality, and many people have reported profound spiritual experiences on this mushroom strain. The specifics of a mushroom experience depend on the species and variety, the dose, and the user's mental state.

B+ mushrooms are undoubtedly psychedelic, but don't expect them to live up to the overhyped potency claims. As with all psychedelics, set and setting play a crucial role in the experience.


Growing B+ 

There are various methods to grow B+ mushrooms. For beginners, the simplest approach is to use a commercially available, pre-inoculated grow kit. Due to the versatility and resistance of B+ mushrooms, they are commonly found in grow kits. With ready-to-use grow kits, you can grow B+ mushrooms with minimal effort. 

More advanced growers have several options. They can choose to grow kits that are not yet inoculated with mycelium, often coming with bottles of liquid culture that can be ordered separately. Alternatively, growers can start from scratch by mixing and sterilizing their own substrate at home and inoculating it with culture grown from spores. This method requires more knowledge and effort but typically yields more consistent results.

Growing B+ mushrooms can be done with various methods, and one advantage of B+ is its ability to thrive on diverse substrates and tolerate beginner errors well. Popular substrates include rice flour with vermiculite, as well as rice, coir, and even manure. Beginners usually opt for the PF Tek method as it's the easiest way to grow mushrooms at home from scratch. 

PF Tek method uses a substrate made of brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water which is packed into jars where both colonization and fruiting occur after the jars are spawned. The entire growth cycle typically spans about two months, from inoculation to harvest. 

Like with any other P. cubensis strain it's important to maintain humidity between 60 to 80% when fruiting and temperatures ranging from 72 to 77ºF (22 to 25ºC). B+ can yield anywhere from 3 to 5 flushes depending on the environment and genetics of the spores. 

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How To Find B+ Shrooms Near Me

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