Golden Teacher Mushrooms

As one of Canada's most famous psilocybin mushroom species, Golden Teachers are known for their unique, deep, and enlightening experience.

The caps can range from brownish-yellow with orange spots to bright yellow. They belong to the genus Psilocybe, which contains over 180 magic mushrooms worldwide.

In terms of physical appearance, this mushroom has a unique look. It has a bulbous cap on a thin stem, and it is very small. Its stature makes it so popular among those looking to find magic mushrooms on their own or on a quest for the first time.


Golden Teachers are an excellent choice for beginners because they create a balanced "battle of the mind" that leaves you feeling more aware than usual. This is great for those just starting to understand their surroundings and process experiences in life. 

Their effects can last 4-6 hours, but they typically come on fairly quickly (30-45 mins half). The trip itself is relatively easy to navigate compared to other magic mushrooms.


The downside to Golden Teachers is that they are not considered potent enough for experienced users who have already tried magic mushrooms a few times over. Their trip is generally lighter, which means you need larger amounts of these mushrooms to get on a more significant high.

Effects of Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teachers have been used by indigenous cultures in Central America and Mexico for hundreds of years because they provide such insightful effects. A magic mushroom trip from Golden Teachers will cause a deep introspection, which can be very beneficial for those looking to solve their problems. 

It's not uncommon to experience lasting changes in your life many days after ingesting this type of mushroom.

As mentioned, the Golden Teacher trip is typically on the lighter side, so it doesn't give you an adrenaline rush or sensory overload like other species. Users report having a very balanced, clear-headed trip that is great for those starting with magic mushrooms.


Of course, dosage plays a big part in the trip. We recommend beginners to take 1g-2g of this mushroom, which is enough to get a mild psychoactive "body high." That would be a good dose for most people who have never had magic mushrooms before, and it will also last you for 4-6 hours.

That being said, if you are more experienced with psychedelics or have tried magic mushrooms in the past, we recommend 3.5g-5g of Golden Teacher.

Microdosing is also an option. The practice involves ingesting a sub-perceptual dose (you don't feel high) for an extended period. You can repeat this once every few days to weekly. It all depends on how you feel and what you are trying to achieve.

Where to Find Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher mushrooms are quite popular in Canada, specifically Vancouver Island. They like warm climates and grow on deciduous logs (mainly oak). Due to their nature, they are typically found in large groups rather than alone.

While Golden Teachers are not considered very potent according to veterans, who generally go for stronger species like Penis Envy, these mushrooms still provide a wonderful reflective trip that is perfect for beginners or those who would instead stick to the lighter side.

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