Jack Frost Mushrooms

Jack Frost Magic Mushrooms also known as JF are a moderately potent variety of psilocybe cubensis, easily recognizable by their unique look. With pure white flat caps that curl upwards as they begin to mature, they start to look as if they are covered with fresh snow. 

While it's a relatively new strain, Jack Frost found its way into many shops offering shroom delivery as well as dispensaries across North America. They are usually sold in dried form, retaining their ghostly white appearance and high potency. Their mysterious origins also play an interesting part in the history and use of this magic mushroom strain. 

What Are Jack Frost Mushrooms?

The Jack Frost mushroom is an albino variety of Psilocybe cubensis species, meaning it is completely white except for the blue tint in its gills that develops as the mushrooms mature. The stalk and cap have the typical mushroom shape but with some distinctive features. The cap's rim curls upwards, often with a noticeable bump on top. The stalks are unique, covered in wilting lumps. Even with the growing number of albino mushroom strains, Jack Frost remains distinct and hard to replicate.
The name "Jack Frost" comes from the frosty appearance of their fruiting bodies. As they mature, these mushrooms release a fine layer of white spores, giving them a snowy look. Their gills also turn a bluish hue, indicating the presence of psilocybin.
While some strains may resemble Jack Frost, there are ways to distinguish it from other white mushrooms. Additionally, the appearance of Jack Frost can vary depending on the isolation process, which involves germinating and growing spores to select specific traits without creating a new strain.


Origins of Jack Frost Mushroom

The Jack Frost strain is a relatively recent addition to the magic mushroom scene. According to rumors it was created around 2018 by cross-breeding Albino Penis Envy and True Albino Teacher by a member of the Shroomery forum.
The user going under the named Wombat documented the whole process of developing the Jack Frost strain, although some people in the mushroom community believe that he is the original creator of this strain we can't know for sure. The only certain thing is that Jack Frost is indeed a combination of True Albino Teacher and Albino Penis Envy, the rest are only legends and myths. 
Despite the mysterious origins of this strain, people who are not concerned with their history or genetics like to grow and use this strain due to its considerable potency and abundant yields. 

Jack Frost Potency

Despite its otherworldly appearance, Jack Frost is known to be a moderately potent mushroom with an average of 0.72% psilocybin and 0.03% psilocin, totaling up to 0.83% tryptamines. While less potent than some of the more notorious strains such as Penis Envy and Tidal Wave, psychonauts often report effects that are similar to these more potent strains. This implies that when grown under optimal conditions, Jack Frost mushrooms can parry some of the most potent strains on the scene.
For this reason many shroom delivery businesses like to have this particular strain in their inventory. If you are searching for a well reputable Jack Frost shroom dispensary search Fungi Mups can help you find everything you need.


Effects of Jack Frost

Like with other P. cubensis mushroom strains, the effects of Jack Frost can vary depending on the individual's state of mind, quantity taken, and physical health. With regular doses most commonly reported effects are slight relaxation followed by euphoria, laughter, and a mix of bodily sensations. Visual hallucinations are also present, psychonauts frequently report seeing colorful auras around objects followed by geometrical patterns and textures. 
Jack Frost can also induce profound and life-changing spiritual experiences with higher doses. Some reported feeling more in tune with nature or feeling oneness with the universe. Nevertheless, Jack Frost can indeed induce potent and intense effects.

Jack Frost vs Other Albino Mushrooms

Due to the pure white color of Jack Frost, it's classified as an albino mushroom strain, but it is quite unique and distinct. For instance one of the parental strains Albino Penis Envy looks exactly like regular PE the only difference is that it lacks any color. On the other hand species like Albino Treasure Coast and Avery’s Albino all share the same characteristics looking like regular cubes that are completely white. 

What sets Jack Frost apart from these and other albino strains are its blue gills and curled cap. The fruiting body remains all white until it matures, at which point the gills begin to turn blue, signaling that it's time to harvest. While Jack Frost shares similarities with other albino mushrooms its unique look and blue gills set this strain apart.  

Growing Jack Frost

Jack Frost mushrooms are relatively easy to grow with the right environment and proper air exchange. Cultivating these mushrooms can be rewarding for both beginners and experienced growers due to the fast colonization and huge fruit bodies that you can harvest. However, they have one drawback, they take a bit longer to fully develop compared to more "classic" looking P. cubensis strains. This prolonged fruiting period can lead to contamination that's why it's important to keep them in the optimal temperature-to-humidity ratio. 

It's best to keep your mushrooms at temperatures of 72 to 77ºF (22 to 25ºC) and humidity levels between 60 and 80%. It usually takes around 20 days for them to be fully mature and ready to harvest. 



When the mushroom fruits are still solid and their gills become pale blue, then is the best time to harvest them. They will continue to darken to a deep navy blue if not picked on time, they also get quite soggy when overripe, so perfect harvest timing is important when growing Jack Frost. 

Harvesting at the perfect moment ensures that Jack Frost mushrooms retain their snow-white hue and potent psychedelic effects. If you are looking to get hassle shroom delivery without the need to grow your own search Fungi Maps!