Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms

Jedi Mind Fuck, also known as JMF is a Psilocybe cubensis strain renowned for its supposed mild potency. Much like Jedis from Star Wars who are known for their extraordinary abilities and one of their iconic skills Jedi mind trick, which allows them to influence thoughts and emotions using the power of the Force, Jedi Mind Fuck can do the same thing, although through a completely different channel. 

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What is Jedi Mind Fuck?

The Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms look quite similar to common features seen in Psilocybe cubensis strains. They have a distinctive bell-shaped cap with a caramel-brown or rust-brown color, similar to Golden Teachers. The mushroom's cap progressively thickens and flattens as it ages. The stem is pale and slender, often showing a bluish tinge.
When handled or damaged, these mushrooms exhibit familiar blue bruiting indicating the presence of psilocybin. Visually, there isn't anything particularly unique about this strain that would easily distinguish it. Therefore, it’s important to obtain them from a trusted source that you can find on Fungi Maps. Our vendors offer top notch product that can be shipped both via shroom delivery and shroom mail order. 


History of Jedi Mind Fuck

The origin of the Jedi Mind Fuck strain remains unclear, with no reliable evidence to pinpoint its source definitively. However, what we know for sure is that this strain was inspired by George Lucas’ epic saga Star Wars.
Unlike older strains like Golden Teacher and Mazatapec, which have been used by indigenous people for centuries, JMF is a newer strain that emerged in the early 2000s.

Some speculate that Jedi Mind Fuck could be a genetic offshoot from the Z-strain, another popular variety of P. cubensis. According to a popular story, the strain was cultivated by a well-known mycologist named "Myco Joe" or "Agar Joe" in the early 2000s. Allegedly, Joe bred JMF from a wild P. cubensis sample found growing in Georgia, USA.
However, some argue that the multitude of cube strain names, including JMF, may simply be a marketing tactic aimed at newcomers interested in psychedelic mushrooms. The debate regarding the origin and authenticity of Jedi Mind Fuck continues.

Potency of JMF

Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms are not particularly potent compared to the average Psilocybe cubensis variety.

Each year, Oakland Hyphae hosts The Psilocybin Cup, where cultivators submit their magic mushrooms for high-efficiency testing to rank their potency. For instance, In the 2021 Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup, JMF mushrooms scored 0.09% psilocybin and  0.29% psilocin content. Most P. cubensis mushrooms typically contain about 0.15-0.40% psilocybin and 0.35-1.2% psilocin. Placing JMF's potency beloved average. 

Despite their relatively average psilocybin content, some psychonauts report that JMF mushrooms produce strong psychedelic effects. This might be due to the dosage and individual body reaction, although JMF are indeed psychedelic and can cause interesting effects. 
A typical starting dose for beginners ranges from 1 to 1.5 grams of dried Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms. This cautious approach allows new psychonauts to familiarize themselves with the effects without feeling overwhelmed.


Jedi Mind Fuck Effects

Effects of JMF are somewhat similar to the other P. cubensis strains, although many psychonauts describe incredible visuals and telepathic feelings like from the SCI-FI movie. Some users even compare these "telepathic feelings" to those of DMT, without the visuals tho. 

Just like the diverse alien worlds in Star Wars, every trip with Jedi Mind Fuck mushrooms can be a unique experience, influenced by dosage, the user’s mindset, and the environment. At higher doses, these mushrooms can induce more intense hallucinations which may be viewed as a galactic leap into the unknown. However, much like any journey into deep space, it’s wise to take precautions and ensure you’re in a safe and comfortable environment before starting your trip.

Additionally, users have reported great filings of spirituality that took them on an unforgettable healing journey. While Jedi Mind Fuck tends to be less potent, it definitely doesn't lack the psychedelic effects, confirming the fact that not everything lies in the potency. That’s why this strain can be found in almost every single shroom dispensary. 

How to Grow Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms

JMF is more challenging to cultivate than other strains and is not recommended for beginners. Once started, it grows like any other Psilocybe cubensis strain and will provide 2-3 full flushes. The difficulty with JMF spores is their lower resistance to contaminants compared to other strains. However, many successful JMF grows have been documented on sites such as Shroomery. Experts suggest that you can easily reduce the risk of contamination by thoroughly sterilizing your equipment and workspace.
It's important to keep the conditions as optimal as possible with temperatures ranging from 72 to 77ºF (22 to 25ºC) and humidity levels between 60 and 80% during the fruiting phase. 

This strain also takes a bit longer to grow, so it's important to be patient, it's best to pick the mushrooms as soon as the gills open, as they have dark purple spores that can cover the crop and create a mess.

How To Find Jedi Mind Fuck Shrooms Near Me

You can easily get JMF mushrooms by simple shroom mail order or in a shroom dispensary. However, it's important to obtain them from a trusted source. While they look similar to other P. cubensis strains it can sometimes be hard to identify if you got a legitimate Jedi Mind Fuck or some other strain. 

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